Genwunners is the 1st episode of season 1, and the first episode overall.


The episode starts with the usual starting phrase before Bulbasaur interrupting himself to comment about Squirtle's accent, and how he has never done that accent before, while Squirtle says he has always done it. He tries to trick Bulbasaur into "agreeing" with him, but he fails. Bulbasaur continues to introduce Torchic onto the show, where Squirtle gasps in shock, not knowing what a Torchic was. He insults Torchic, maybe accidentally or intentionally, and Bulbasaur tells him that Torchic is a Pokemon, just like the both of them. Squirtle mistakes Bulbasaur's claim that Torchic is a starter from the Hoenn region (From the "Hoe" in Hoenn) as an insult and Bulbasaur has to explain to him that there are regions other than Kanto, a fact Squirtle was unaware of. After also not knowing any other region and also thinking that there is only 150 Pokemon, Torchic accuses him of being a Genwunner. After an explanation of what a Genwunner is and a few insults, Squirtle proclaims that he heard that the Pokemon from the newer generations look silly, which Bulbasaur perceives as complete nonsense. He calls Gengar a pedophillic clown, and Gengar teleports into the room to threaten Bulbasaur, who instantly retracts his statement and starts singing. Squirtle claims that Bulbasaur hadn't said what he said he said, in which Bulbasaur chokes Squirtle and Gengar teleports away. Bulbasaur then tells Squirtle to move on and accept the newer Pokemon, in which Squirtle accepts. Then he asks if Brock and Misty are still around in the anime, and Bulbasaur ends the episode with a curse.



  • Squirtle claims that there are 150 Pokemon, which means that he didn't include Mew in his counting of the original 151 Pokemon.
  • There is to be an over 2 year gap between this episode and the next episode of Pokemon Talk.